About GSC

Germinate Science Consulting (GSC) is an experimental project for former Nature microbiology editor Andrew Jermy, PhD. 

GSC has a few simple aims:

1) To help researchers ensure that their hard work is communicated in a clear, accurate and complete manner in a draft manuscript. 

2) To demystify the publishing process by providing detailed insight into the editorial assessment of a study, provide advice on how to improve a draft manuscript and on appropriate journals that could be considered for submission. 

3) To work with researchers to hone their grant applications to strengthen the likelihood of obtaining funding.

4) Through delivery of seminars and workshops, offer training for early (and later) career researchers in a range of topics relating to generating and handling data, communicating and publishing science, and developing a career. 

GSC is currently focussed on serving the microbiology field, but will consider project work and training in other fields also. 

About Andrew Jermy

Andrew gained his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Manchester, UK, studying fungal protein trafficking and secretion. He was subsequently a microbiology editor at Nature for more than a decade, joining Nature Reviews Microbiology in 2008 as an associate editor after a brief stint as locum editor on Nature Cell Biology. Over the following 4.5 years Andrew developed a passion for microbiology, editing reviews and writing on all aspects of the field. In January 2013 Andrew joined the Nature team as senior editor, handling primary manuscripts from across the field and championing microbiology in Nature’s pages (and beyond). Andrew left Nature in April 2015 to become the chief editor for the launch of Nature Microbiology, which quickly became established as one of the premier journals in the microbiology publishing landscape. 

In January 2019 Andrew left Nature Microbiology to join his wife's educational resources business and to establish GSC.


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