Editorial Services

Whether you are aiming for a highly selective journal, aren’t sure where to submit, or just want some additional feedback to improve your draft, getting an experienced editor’s feedback on your manuscript will help to make sure that it is in the best possible shape prior to submission.

Alternatively your manuscript may already have been peer reviewed at a journal and the path towards publication may not be clear. We can take a look at the manuscript, reviewers feedback and any correspondence with editors, and then provide advice and guidance on a strategy for addressing the concerns raised and steering the manuscript through to publication.

Furthermore you may be looking for help to polish your latest grant application to maximise your chances of securing funding in this cycle. Getting feedback and development edits from an experienced editor can not just help to polish the narrative of the text but also to identify gaps in logic and missing lines of experimentation that a grant panel (and subsequently reviewers of resulting manuscripts) are likely to identify as missing.