GSC is… germinated?!!!

By Andrew Jermy

GSC is… germinated?!!!

If you’re reading this, then welcome to my new little venture – Germinate Science Consulting (GSC). Do please take a look around and let me know what you think.

This is something of an experimental project for me, that has grown out of a bunch of interactions that I have had with microbiology researchers over the last couple of years and that could only be realised now that I am no longer owned employed by Springer Nature.

In the coming weeks and month I will write more about the background for the launch of GSC but here, I wanted to explain what GSC is, and what services I am offering.

I set out with three initial aims:


1) To help researchers ensure that their hard work is communicated in a clear, accurate and complete manner in a draft manuscript.

>> Translated, this means that if you send me a manuscript I will read and developmentally edit it for you in the document itself. I will identify potential problems and areas for improvements, making suggestions and modifications in the manuscript itself.


2) To demystify the publishing process by providing detailed insight into the editorial assessment of a study, provide advice on how to improve a draft manuscript and on appropriate journals that could be considered for submission.

>> I have created a pre-assessment report which based on the editorial assessment process I used, and trained others in, while an editor at Nature. This includes a summary of the background for the study and key relevant literature, as well as detailed notes on the experiments carried out, the results found and conclusions that can be drawn. The report will identify potential problems and areas for improvement in the manuscript. It will also suggest journals for which the work would be a good potential fit, identify reviewer expertise needed to properly assess the manuscript and provide some potential names to suggest to the journal when submitting.


3) Through delivery of seminars and workshops, offer training for early (and later) career researchers in a range of topics relating to generating and handling data, communicating and publishing science, and developing a career.

>> This one is pretty self-explanatory. I like giving talks and running workshops, helping to shed a light in scientific publishing and many other topics and to train the next generation of researchers and editors. Take a look at the modules I have on offer here.


I’ll be back in the coming weeks and months with more details on the services I offer, and thoughts on publishing and microbiology research in general.

In the meantime, do please have a snoop around the website and let me know what you think, whether any of these services might be of use to you or your institutions, and if there is something else that you think I might be able to help you with.


[And yes, Chris, I am using an image of a plant here as an allegory for the early growth of my new venture - just for you ;-)]